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NL10-1748699 - "DAUGHTER DARIO"

Original Henk Melis, Westkapelle

Father: NL03-0318506 ‘Dario’
Super racer, won as a yearling in 2004 among others:
1st NPO Ruffec (658 km) 3,201  pigeons
39th NPO Châteauroux (552 km) 4,314 pigeons
40th NPO La Souterraine (607 km) 4,108 pigeons
83rd NPO Tours (503 km) 6,119 pigeons
In 2005 he won 9 prizes, among others:
1st NPO Ruffec (658 km) 2,626 pigeons

Grandfather: NL01-0108666 ‘De 666’
Without doubt one of the best long distance racers in the Netherlands ever.  This mainly Vandenabeele-cock was:
1st Provincial ace pigeon (NPO-races) 2002
1st Interprovincial ‘Gouden Crack’ long distance club South Netherlands 2002
He won:
2nd NPO Ruffec (658 km) 3,549 pigeons
4th NPO Tours (503 km) 5,756 pigeons
7th NPO La Souterraine (607 km) 2,949 pigeons
15th NPO La Souterraine (607 km) 4,108 pigeons
23rd NPO Tours (503 km) 6,737 pigeons
25th NPO La Souterraine (607 km) 3,516 pigeons
25th NPO Montluçon (580 km) 4,831 pigeons

666 is a superbreeder. More than 40 children or grandchildren flew on ‘Teletext’ (Top 10 NPO in the Netherlands). We list the most important for you. ‘De 666’ became father to among others:
NL03-0318506 ‘Dario’
1st NPO Ruffec  (658 km) 3,201 pigeons (2004)
1st NPO Ruffec  (658 km) 2,626 pigeons (2005)
He became grandfather to among others:
NL09-1332498 ‘Henky 98’ (Braad-de Joode)
1st Provincial ace pigeon long distance (Brabant 2000) 2010
3rd NPO Bourges (521 km) 12,511 pigeons
3rd NPO Argenton (633 km) 8,338 pigeons
4th NPO La Souterraine (671 km) 5,603 pigeons
6th NPO Blois (540 km) 3,788 pigeons
NL04-0451802 ‘t Super 02’ (Scheele Brothers):
1st Provincial ace pigeon youngsters Zeeland ’96 and 2 x ‘Teletext’ (top-10 NPO) – 10th vs 11,475 p. and 7th vs 2,998 p.
NL05-0565984 ‘Blauwe Orléans’ (Scheele Brothers, Terneuzen):
1st Nat. NPO Orléans 5,011 pigeons  (Afd 1/Zeeland ’96)
NL06-0750728 ‘Lieke’ (Scheele Brothers, Terneuzen):
1st Provincial ace pigeon youngsters Zeeland ’96
NL04-2136205 ‘205’ (Scheele Brothers, Terneuzen)
1st Provincial ace pigeon middle distance
7th National ace pigeon WHZB 2006

Father of the 666 is : NL00-2057395 ‘De 395’
Original W. Minderhoud. Is mainly bred out of pigeons of Koen Minderhoud, Kouderkerke and father of famous ‘666’. He is also the grandfather of among others  NL03-0318506 ‘Dario’ (see above) and NL07-3708666 ‘Triple Six’ (Comb. Traas, Nieuwdorp), which was 5th Best Cock  WHZB ’08 and
1st Overall Provincial (Afdeling Zeeland ’96) ace pigeon ‘08
10th Ace Provincial ace pigeon middle distance 2008
8th Provincial ace pigeon ‘natour’ 2008
33rd NPO Châteaudun 5,318 p.
12th NPO Blois 4,450 p. (39th National 40,064 p.)
68th NPO Châteauroux 3,677 p.
83rd NPO Châteauroux 3,279 p.

mother of 666 is NL99-2444066 ‘Elly’
Original Koen Minderhoud, Koudekerke. Excellent breeding hen. Mother ‘De 666’, grandmother to ‘Dario’ and ‘Triple Six’ (see above). ‘Elly’ is bred out of ‘Barney’ NL94-9438871 x ‘Jonge Kathy’ NL96-3156155.

Grandmother: NL98-9870665 ‘Moeder Dario’
Original Jan Crucq, Nieuw en St. Joosland. Bred out of NL96-9505977 ‘Jan’ (Cees Schoevers) x NL89-8931031 ‘Klak’ (excellent breeding hen, 100% De Klak).

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